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Central New Jersey dentists laud Dr. Ronen Rotem as a leading New Jersey dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dr. Rotem and his staff at The Center for Exceptional Cosmetic Dentistry and Adult Dentistry in Toms River pride themselves on creating beautiful, healthy smiles primarily for middle age “guests” in a comfortable, home-like environment. When speaking of central New Jersey dentists, one name invariably is mentioned at the top of the list – Dr. Ronen Rotem, a recognized top dentist in NJ. Dr. Rotem’s Center for Exceptional Cosmetic Dentistry and Adult Dentistry in Toms River is a state of the art dental facility that strives to offer what most NJ dentists either can’t or don’t – personalized dental care in a comfortable, intimate environment. Many central New Jersey dentists are reluctant to get too personal with patients, but Dr. Rotem, a dentist in NJ renowned for his people-oriented practice, is quite the opposite. He equates each of his patients as a guest who deserves to receive personal and individualized attention in an atmosphere as comfortable as that of their own home. Dr. Rotem is a New Jersey dentist that prides himself on the exceptional care he and his staff provide day-in and day-out to patients young and old. This level of dental treatment is truly something that can only be experienced in Dr. Rotems private, home-likeNew Jersey dentist office. Call The Center for Exceptional Cosmetic Dentistry and Adult Dentistry in Toms River today at 732-341-8500 or E-mail us at for more information on NJ dentists. If you’d prefer click here to fill out our online form. When you visit Dr. Rotem’s Center for Exceptional Cosmetic Dentistry and Adult Dentistry, you will be treated with the latest adult cosmetic dentistry procedures and materials available to dentists in New Jersey and around the world. The staff at the “Center” is thoughtful, sensitive, and caring. They are local to the Toms River area and understand that for some people, merely navigating the roads to visit a dentist in NJ is enough to cause undue stress and anxiety! Consequently, the staff takes extra measures to understand each guest's needs and desires, as well as allay their fears and trepidations. They keep current on all new cosmetic dentistry and adult dentistry procedures, techniques, and materials through extensive continuing education and advanced training, and explain it in simple, layman’s terms to guests. Few, if any,central New Jersey dentists can boast as efficient and professional a staff. Patients: Find out more about Sedation Dentistry. It's Not Just About Looks! There's no question that cosmetic dentistry should deliver what it promises – beautiful teeth and improved smiles. But Dr. Rotem and the staff of the “Center” are convinced that there's more to dental health services than most NJ dentists offer. They believe in the concept of 'complete patient care,' where better looks are associated with a better attitude and better function. They know that when their job is done, their patients will find a new, improved appearance is matched by a new and improved outlook on life. It’s All About You. In keeping with their philosophy of ‘complete patient care,’ as a leading New Jersey dentist office, Dr. Rotem’s staff does everything possible to put your needs first. That means that from the moment you walk in the door at the state-of-the-art Toms River, NJ, facility, you are assured of intimate and comfortable surroundings and the best cosmetic dental care there is to find among the dentists in New Jersey. You will not be handed a pen and a bunch of forms upon entering the facility. The staff will not make assumptions on what might be best for your dental health. Instead, they will sit down with you in the comfort of a private consultation room and ask pertinent questions about your concerns and objectives regarding cosmetic dentistry or adult dentistry solutions. Since a picture’s often worth a thousand words, they will probably take a quick photo, and ask you to explain your likes and dislikes in regard to the context of your own smile. It is their philosophy that ‘complete care’ includes complete understanding of your needs.  Call The Center for Exceptional Cosmetic Dentistry and Adult Dentistry in Toms River today @ 732.341.8500.